Food & Drink

The most distinctive taste in the Mar Menor is the taste of the sea. Through the course of history, the different civilisations who lived on its shores were able to turn the “harvest from the sea” into an important facet of the personality of both the people and the environment. In Los Alcázares, the typical dish par excellence is the Caldero: with an ingredient from the sea, the fish, and another from the land, the rice, this dish is a marriage made in heaven. In the old times, this fish soupy rice used to be cooked directly on the beach when the fishermen came ashore after a day of fishing. Today, it features on the menu of every bar and restaurant in Los Alcázares, and it has become extremely popular with tourists. The Caldero is always served with aioli sauce.

Another typical dish in Los Alcázares is Mujol a la sal, or grey mullet cooked in salt. Even if it is not considered a delicacy in other coastal areas, the high quality of the fish caught in the Mar Menor has turned it into a staple for anyone wishing to enjoy the local cuisine.

For those with a sweet tooth, the options are the Pastel de Cierva, a sort of sweet and savoury chicken pie, a traditional recipe from the town of San Javier, or the Bizcochos Borrachos, syrupy sponge cakes soaked in wine and one of the best-known desserts in Murcia.

Variada gastronomía en Los Alcázares (Murcia)