Outdoor sport


Not many areas in Spain can offer the range of possibilities to practice sports that Murcia can offer thanks to its exceptional climate. While proximity to the sea is perfect for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing or diving, if we go inland, this coastal area is a benchmark for many golfers. Golf is becoming increasingly popular in southern and eastern Spain as an alternative to more conventional sports. A few kilometres away from La Minería, we can find several golf courses which, as well as the standard services, offer courses both for beginners and for those who wish to improve their skills. For information on the nearest golf course, you can contact the local Tourist Office.

Water sports

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures and the quality of the water, La Manga del Mar Menor has always been a mecca for enthusiasts of water sports all year round. Apart from the natural setting itself, Los Narejos features the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Infanta Cristina, also known as C.A.R. Throughout the year, this Centre runs a series of water-based courses like sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. In the summer, the facilities host the Summer University with a range of annually scheduled courses.

For those wishing to practice other sports or to embark on a new adventure, the Tourist Office has comprehensive information on diving schools and private service companies running all sorts of activities throughout the year.

There is a local Tourist Office very close to La Minería.

Running and Mountain Biking

The entire coastline of the Mar Menor is an ideal ground for joggers. The area close to La Unión/Cartagena also has different routes to discover the mining and maritime history of this Mediterranean area. The following are some of the favourites:

  1. Route around Calblanque: approx. 40 km among fossilized dunes, tangled vegetation, sandy paths… a comprehensive route affording wonderful views of the Mediterranean sea.
  2. Route around Mar Menor: approx. 56 km along sandy paths or dirt roads. The route can be easily completed in 7 hours. Some people prefer to travel back by ferry.
  3. Route Cabo de Palos – La Manga del Mar Menor: approx. 22 km.
  4. Route of the greenhouses. This biking route starts in Los Alcázares, then goes through the greenhouses in Roda and Los Dolores as far as San Javier.
  5. Salinas de San Pedro Natural Park: starting from Molina de San Pedro.
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